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MLA College

MLA College is a provider of online and distance learning degrees in a range of Maritime and Marine based subjects. We offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees which are taught by distance learning, both online and offline, allowing students to obtain a relevant degree in Maritime and Marine subjects whilst balancing their careers and other life commitments. We are an award winning educational provider with all our degree programmes being fully accredited by Plymouth University.
Joomla! site, of course, based on the 'ja_simpli' template (free) with custom css elements applied. The homepage as well as some additional ones, like the 'Team' page (About > Team) were built with 'SP Page Builder' (Free), allowing background video and time-stamped animated modules to be displayed in the page main section.

Student registration forms (Visforms) and payments (J2Store) are proccessed through the website (free versions) with PayPal and Barclays epdq gateways (payed plugins) enabled.

The 'Kunena Forum' (free) is the platform used for tutor/student interaction. Students from different distance e-learning modules / cohorts have access only to their specific discussion forums.

The 'News' page has a RSS feed that is interrogated by the MLA's enhanced distance e-learning App and there are links to our social pages through the 'JJ Social Slider' (free) at right.

Custom html modules are also included throughout the site.
25th of October, 2016


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