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Palms Medical Group

Palms Medical Group is a medical group with a full range of healthcare services for all the stages of one's life. With multiple locations throughout North Florida, bilingual staff and a multitude of services this site serves as a patient portal and information resource to find the locations, and get in contact with any one of their professionals, schedule appointments, and refill prescriptions.
We used Joomla, Hotspots (for the locations map), Accessibility plugin and utilzed google translate for translation.

There were 4 most challenging aspects.

1) Accessibility standards we had to comply with being that this is a medical facility. We installed the Screenreader plugin to meet those needs.

2) Accommodating a page for all of their locations that would make it easy to find the office and figure out which office provides what service. We created icons to match with the services to help easily identify the associated services.

3) Accommodating pages for all their providers that would be easy to maintain as people come and go.

4) Setting up the refill request form so that the form would be sent to the pharmacy selected in the dropdown.
14th of December, 2017


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