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Dorsa Physical Therapy

Peter had a previous website that he wasn't pleased with and wanted a new look for his practice. He provided the photos he wanted to use and the colour pallette was chosen from the key photo he wanted featured on his home page.

He wanted his three main modalities featured as well as a place for a blog for tips.

The styling was also carried to Peter's social media accounts.
The Dorsa Physical Therapy website is built utilizing BootStrap 3 and the Embryo template.

The site design colour pallette was chosen from the key photo the client wanted featured. The new look would be carried over to his social media pages as well.

Joomla's core blog functionality was utilized a few different ways for the display of his modalities/services as well as for his blog.

Unite Slider and Gallery were utilized along with several other extensions I utilize on all sites such as Admin Tools, Akeeba Backup, Regular Lab Cache Cleaner, Form Maker.
13th of February, 2018


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