Crawford Technologies is an award winning website redesign of Crawford Technologies’ website. It is primarily a lead generator for selling their digital data transform solutions.

Envisioned and executed by their Marketing Communications Manager, Jonathan Malone-McGrew, the project was built from the ground up in collaboration with our website and SEO partners at Joe Sonne Marketing and Big Footprint Digital. The result was the ability to launch a responsive platform that will scale with our growth and allow us to communicate more effectively with our customers, partners and the industry well into the future.
Crawford Technologies new website generated a 38% increase in page views, 14% increase in organic search traffic, 21% increase in average pages per session, 7% increase in time on site, 7% decrease in bounces, 389% increase in social referrals and a 399% mobile and tablet traffic increase year over year.

The site features a private partner portal which makes extensive use of the stock Joomla ACL. The site has integrates with Salesforce and DOCman document management system for clients and prospective customers to access a knowledge base library of documents, white papers and case studies related to their industry.
29th of August, 2016


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