Canada Screens

Canada Screens is owned and operated by First Weekend Club, a national non-profit organization, promoting Canadian films, talent and industry since 2003.

First Weekend Club had been wanting to build Canada Screens for many years and it was a dream come true to bring it to fruition. I was blessed to have been chosen to take the design lead on this project and continue to work with them as the project grows. Canada Screens is updated by their own team.

The sites main target is clients utilizing tablets for browsing and viewing films.
Canada Screens is build using the Joomla CMS and a customized Bootstrap 3 template.

Since the site needed much cross linking of films that were in multiple categories Joomla! Tags were used and customized coding was used to pull tags into various displays as required by the customer. The majority of the site is built using the Joomla! core.

Props to Alan Langford and Troy Hall on this build.

Logo design and several graphical items were created by Canada Screens.
13th of September, 2016


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