Samariterverein Brig-Glis

We are a group of Samaritains organized in the Samariterverein Brig-Glis. We spend our spare time to teach young people the first aid knowledge they need to know in order to apply for their drivers license.
On the other hand we train monthly first aid topics to be responsible to help people during all kinds of events in our county.
We also train company's in first aid, Reanimation etc.
The page is build on the t3 template framework using a template from Joomlart. Besides that the page uses quite a few of the most famous components of the JED.

The main difficulty or let's say the most time needed is to keep the page updated. A lot of the components still don't use the Joomla updater. With every update you never know how the page will behave and what will not work any more. Tools like help, but there are too many components, modules and plugins not compatible.


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