Site officiel de la ville de la Ciotat

Official website for the city of la Ciotat, near Marseilles, in Provence, France. Build in 2015 for the city council.
100% responsive, built with custom template framework designed by Agence Digitale. Includes Joomla extensions developed by Agence Digitale for town halls and city councils.
  • Not the best example of Joomla! optimization
    The lack of SEO optimization (H2 title for page, inside link on the read more..) The non respect of WCAG/RGAA which is a legal obligation for gov website, a very too big header which make the use of the wheel on each page very boring anf inally a not good enouph responsive make this website not a good example of what we can achive with Joomla!
    6 years ago -
3rd of October, 2016