51st International Cadet World Championship 2017, Bruinisse, the Netherlands

The Cadet is a class of sailing dinghy designed to be sailed by two children up to the age of 17. The main event is the World Championship held every year. 2015 was Riva, Italy, 2016 is Buenos Aires, Argentina and 2017 is Bruinisse, the Netherlands.

https://cadet2017.com is the site for the coming 2017 World Championship.
This site went live August 2016. It will evolve to an interactive site. With registration forms (chronoforms) and customised extensions to show the entries, scores and results.
The form will be published in January Entries, scores and results during and after the event.

The design is as much NON bootstrap as possible. This to avoid as much "ballast" as possible.
The image carousel, article tile view, google analytics module are custom made. The analytics module allows outbound link tracking.
The content categories can have their own color assigned as well as an icon from the icomoon character set.
It is multilingual Dutch and English. Other languages may be added.
3rd of October, 2016


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