DRC BZG Oberbayern

Its a public club about dog training and all other features of dog education, training and breeding.
This site is about a regional German Retriever Club in the south of Germany (in German its called: Deutscher Retriever Club, BeZirksGruppe Oberbayern).
The goal was to create a easy to use website für the members of the club to publish their stories and events.
And it is for interested visitors that want to see details and facts about the work of the club and get information about the dogs (retrievers).

We added an event booking component where people can pay e.g. with PayPal. We also added a commenting component, but this component is not really used by the members or visitors. (I do not know why it is so "diffucult" to comment on a website but everyone is commenting on Facebook ;)
4th of October, 2016


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