Agence Stéphane Belugou

The agency Stéphane Belugou is willing to facilitate the work of casting directors by offering actors perfectly corresponding to "breakdowns". We are committed to develop the career of each person represented in the agency according to its ambitions and aspirations with professionalism, dynamism and kindness. The agency Belugou is also a school : The method of this new school is to enable each person to excel, thanks to a kindly requirement. Understand all the subtlety of the text, perfectly mastering his character composition, better let go in its interpretation.
Canadian (Québec) website made on a Yootheme template . First use of the Zoo component for the actors directory. That give me the opportunitie to handle that tools. I usualy work with K2, sometime with Seblod, but this time I wanted to test the only tool from YooTeam i wasn't working with... The experience is intersting, I just want to be reassured about his future (of Zoo) before adopting it.
7th of October, 2016


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