Digital magazine news around Lake Annecy. (Magazine numérique de l'actualité autour du lac d'Annecy.) It is an independent digital magazine, powered by volunteers and by you all! It is also a gathering of editors / journalists / correspondents volunteers. Its purpose is to talk about you all around the lake of Annecy, your events, your business, with "hard links" on you, whether you are "small" or "large".
Each section is divided in several social networks (on relevant accounts) to further increase awareness of you. Our "leitmotiv" is to open all the info and to develop or publicize all the activities of our beautiful territory.
Our resources: the Web, advanced search on the internet, social networking, word of mouth! We strive to be fair and to avoid omissions or mistakes, but if we skids, tell us! Ideas to improve it is to listen, tell us!
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14th of October, 2016


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