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Evdaimonia.com | Academy on Crete (Greece) organizes philosophy courses. What's life all about? What is truly important in life? Every course consists of lectures by the best philosophers in the field, long walks in the Greece mountains and visits to historic sites. The purpose of the site is to show their courses and let people book a course.

Evdaimonia means happiness and is a unique experience somewhere between understanding yourself, historical art, culture and the meaning of life. Find out how art works and how old and new technology influence present day. Find the true meaning of life on a great island. Small groups and great teachers guide you through the week. Far away for our complex lives. No phone, no WiFi, just you!
We converted Evdaimonia's website from Joomla! 1.5 to Joomla! 3 about two years ago. The owners of the company aren't into all new technologies, but noticed that a good responsive website is an absolute necessity nowadays. They decided to leave their classic design behind to find a new and modern look and feel.
The website was full of unused and old content like articles, modules, galleries and forms. A webdeveloper and a webdesigner from R2H flew to Greece and in just three (very long) days R2H cleaned up the backend, re-structured the menu, build a responsive Bootstrap website, created a new layout and got everything online. We use the Joomla! core features as much as possible and only used overrides for the blog layout. Great result and happy clients!
19th of October, 2016


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