Platon Rivellis

Platon Rivellis is the most renowned creative photographer and teacher of photography in Greece. He has written numerous articles and books on photography, held personal exhibitions and curated for others. His website showcases his long career and works, plus also includes an online shop where his books can be purchased from.
This is the third iteration of the bilingual website (Greek / English), which was first built in 2010 using Joomla 1.5, and migrated since to Joomla 2.5, then to 3.x. The custom template is fully responsive and uses Bootstrap 3 with Google Fonts and Font Awesome.

Under the hood, the website uses K2, EShop and FaLang and a few more extensions, all with custom template overrides to deliver a uniform look & feel to the user. Using a responsive CSS framework like Bootstrap in combination with K2's unparalleled templating features made it easier to achieve uniformity of style in all website sections.
31st of October, 2016


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