National Disability Services

National Disability Services' previous site made it pretty much impossible for members to find what they needed, thanks to clunky tech and a messy Information Architecture.

NDS’s members (non-government disability service providers) range from huge to tiny, and the organisation’s services are equally varied. Access to tons of useful content, of all different sorts, is governed by complex rules about membership levels. New members had to be able to join up easily on site too.
Our mission: forge clear navigation paths that members – both old and new – could follow.

At the same time as we were weaving our magic on the site using Joomla as our Content Management System, NDS were moving to Microsoft Dynamics as its Customer Relationship Management system. Our CMS had to talk to the new, customised CRM for NDS staff to add content, so NDS had someone else developing an API. (Yep, we love an acronym.) In plain speak, different people from different organisations were working on different parts of the whole.
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    nice...can i know what the name of this template?
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3rd of November, 2016