Brega Pop - Music Paraense's

Project History:
Disseminate the music of northern Brazil.

Who the site is for:
For the public who likes the music produced in the state of Pará in the north of Brazil.

The site has a place to disseminate bands and singers who work in the music Amazon, specifically in northern Brazil, in the state of Pará The site also has a section with samples of music from different musical rhythms regional, eg Brega, Technobrega, Melody, Carimbó, Lambada and Guitarrada.
How the site was built and what you used?
Currently the site uses to manage its content the Joomla (System Manager Content - Open Source). The songs that are on the site are in the formats Windows Media Audio and MP3. The videos are posted on Youtube. The main extension used on the site is the Music Collection, but the older content of the site uses the AllVideos extension.

What are specificities and difficulties that you face?
In the beginning the main difficulty was to convince the bands to spread their work on a website. Today the main difficulty is finding material (photos of CD covers and old songs).


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