The Wild Thyme Company

With an innovative and fresh approach to catering, The Wild Thyme Company raises the bar for off-premise catering in San Diego. Through creative custom menus and personalized event design, the Wild Thyme Company creates perfect catering and event planning solutions for their clients.
The website provides information and images about their selections and services. Forms on the website capture and store information about potential new clients and existing customers so information can be directed to the appropriate staff member.
When the Wild Thyme Company originally came to CreativeSights, they were unhappy with the functionality of the site. The site had been built on WordPress, but they found it difficult to add pictures and content so that they displayed in a consistent manner on their site. Additionally, there were formatting issues with the site menu navigation and unappealing variations of the site layout appeared sporadically throughout the site.
With the advent of Joomla 3.x, we decided it was time to give the site a fresh new look.
30th of November, 2016


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