Michael Phelps - MP Brand

Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman have arguably more experience training and competing at the highest levels of elite swimming than any other people on the planet. For years they felt the swim gear available to competitive swimmers was lacking – compression suits lacked flexibility, goggles hindered peripheral vision, swim caps didn’t stay in place. When they decided they wanted to bring their expertise to the marketplace, they partnered with Aqua Sphere, the premier swimming equipment manufacturer for fitness swimming and triathlons, and the MP brand was born.
The website features all of the MP brand swimwear, goggles and training accessories and provides a way for customers to learn about, buy products or locate stores where they can purchase in person.
CreativeSights worked with Aqua Lung International's team to launch MP brand website featuring Michael Phelps' new product lines in time for the 2016 Olympics.

The website utilizes a lean and fully-custom Bootstrap 3 Joomla template with several fully custom html5 elements.

The product category and product displays were initially built with the Zoo CCK but were converted to the J2Store extension to take advantage of enhanced product sorting and filtering. Customized PHP scripts provide integration between the site and Kibo e-commerce system allowing the company to direct transactions to their dealer network. DPFields from Digital Peak made it possible to display additional information on the product pages with custom fields for Joomla! articles.

Sysgen Media's Store Locator provides an excellent display and geo-search of the MP authorized dealers. Advanced Module Manager and Advanced Template Manager from Regular Labs were essential to ensuring the correct modules displayed in the correct locations.
30th of November, 2016


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