Slots spelen

The website slots spelen is for (Dutch) internet users looking for free slot games. With 100's of video slots on this Joomla site and high rankings in the Dutch search engines it has become one of the most popular sites to play these games.
The aim of slots spelen is to rank with a Joomla website high in the Search engines like Google. This website started off as Joomla 1.5 website early 2010 and runs now on version 3.3.3. The main component used for the URL structure and SEO optimization is sh404SEF (this component is there from the early days).

Other components used are JCE (text editor), Breezing forms, Akeeba Backup, Xmap (sitemap), ExtraVote (star rating).

At this moment this website ranks as Joomla website on many main keywords in like "slots", "slots spelen", and around a lot of individual slot names from the many game providers available. Reason for never changing this website to another CMS like Wordpress is the rankings established with this Joomla site, something that would have been harder with a Wordpress website as it would be less unique in the code. Furthermore Joomla offers me all flexibility for this website I need.
30th of November, 2016


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