Resilia is the product of 14 years of research into workplace psychological injury by one of Australia’s leaders in the field of workplace mental health and psychological injury, the Centre for Corporate Health (CFCH). The Centre for Corporate Health has developed strong relationships with both insurers and employers to assess, prevent and manage psychological injury in the workplace following world best practice principles.

Having investigated over 8,000 workers’ compensation claims for psychological injury across both public and private sectors CFCH has developed an extensive knowledge of what the major causative factors are which contribute to workplace mental health issues and the submission of workers’ compensation claims for psychological injury.
Resilia required a new websites for their workplace psychological brand. It needed to attract leads, referrals from doctors and also be a professional front for the company to instil professionalism and trust for to their patients.

The PB Web Development team went through a full design process developing personas outlines and analysing the target audience and how they would be using the website. This allowed us to design a more refined and meaningful website that met the clients requirements and create a better user experience for the customers/personas.

Development took over after approval with the site being built in the T3 templating framework and using Joomla core content and components where possible. The website is full responsive being tested on over 30 devices using BrowerStack.

The team also handled the migration of content, 301 redirections, training and hand over for the client.

Hosting is provided by SiteGround with CloudFlare acting as a CDN and helping with protection of the website.
2nd of December, 2016


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