The Audio Hunt

The Audio Hunt is an online marketplace for people to send audio files to be processed remotely through real analog recording equipment.

The Audio Hunt is the brainchild of music producer and engineer Steve Bartlett. The vision of the website is to democratize the record creation process by enabling people to connect to the best recording gear to get the best sound possible. The website now boasts recording equipment from the biggest studios in the world, made accessible to everyone.

The Audio Hunt is member of Abbey Road Red.
The website features a wide range of community-oriented functionality all powered by SEBLOD, including:
• User signup / login – including Facebook authentication
• Private messaging
• User-driven content creation (uploading listings)
• Favourites
• User reviews
• Bookings
• Peer-to-peer stripe payments
• Dropbox chooser integration
5th of December, 2016


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