El País Tarija

Local Newspaper website featuring daily news from the city of Tarija, south of Bolivia, South America.
Built with Joomla 2.5 and then upgrated to 3.5. Theme purchased via Envato Market: Theme Forest, and adapted to the newspaper needs.

Since this is the main city newspaper our data base has grown up to 2 Gigas and counting. Speed is our main concern and we are working in order to balance continius news uploads with modules caches.

For the mobile version, in order to gain speed, we are not using the responsive theme version but another theme for mobile view.

Key components and modules used for this website are: K2, RokSprocket, RAXO all-mode for K2 and GK News Pro.

Joomla is a great choice for very large information sites like a newspaper.
6th of December, 2016


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