Radiology Cafe

Radiology cafe is a website helping junior doctors applying for Clinical Radiology training posts in the UK, and supporting radiology registrars in training.

There is radiology ST1 interview and application advice, information on competition ratios, improving CVs and portfolios and what its like working as a radiology trainee. There are pages of tips and advice for the FRCR exams and soon there will be mock exams for trainees to access.
This is the first website I have created using a content management system. I choose Joomla because it is open-source and powerful. Previously the site was built using wysiwyg web builder, however updating the pages was a nightmare so I started again from scratch using Joomla.

I have very limited knowledge of html and css and no knowledge of php, but Joomla is logical and easy to understand. The resources on the main Joomla and T3 websites have been invaluable and I have discovered just how great the Stack Overflow website is to help with specific issues.

Now the website is easy to maintain and update. I'm very proud of it so thought I'd submit it here!
6th of December, 2016


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