Mondeau Bathroom and Kitchens

Mondeau is a premier bathroom and kitchen boutique with 3 showrooms located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Besides being a showcase for beautiful kitchen and bathroom designs customers can schedule appointments with sales staff at any of the locations through the website. Anyone can provide feedback through the website about their showroom experience. Mondeau features world class products from around the world and suppliers may have ads on the website. All Mondeau supplier sites can be viewed within the Mondeau site or a link to the supplier site. Clients and visitors can sign up for Mondeau's newsletter. This site is also a great place to get information about plumbing related topics as well as how to care for your high end bathroom and kitchen products on their FAQ page.
This site is from a custom design. The template framework is Bootstrap 3. It is a multilingual site, English and French. The site makes use of SaaS forms which had to be styled to fit the look and feel of the website.

The gallery for the website is custom built. No gallery component was used for this site.

Logos of the various suppliers were styled to suit the brand of the website. This was challenging in some cases where the supplier logos did not have a black and white version.
6th of January, 2017


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