Funded in 2005, PM4DEV was created to provide with expert project management consulting and training services based on a methodology customized to the challenges of development projects. Our objective is to serve the needs of the global development community by providing the tools and processes to plan, implement, and monitor projects in a more consistent, reliable and predictable manner.
We started with an early version of Joomla, 1.5 as we saw the advantages of having a good content management website to publish our information and resources. Initially we started to add as much features we thought we can add to the site, eventually, it proved that most of those features were not used by our visitors and with the help of the server logs we decide to streamline our website to what the users find important. This was a good lesson for us. In this journey we changes host three times and the process to migrate proved to be quite simple.
18th of January, 2017


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