Royal Dorch Golf Club

The website for Royal Dorch Golf Club was created in 2015, as an upgrade from a PmWiki based site.

Royal Dornoch is one of the oldest golf courses in the world, golf was first played in Dornoch in 1616. Dornoch, in the North of Scotland, has a long and proud golfing tradition, and we've tried to convey that with the design and layout of the site.
The site was build from a design by Melissa Grey in a collaboration with Cheryl Hopkins.

The template features a set of colour variations, chosen on page load, to make for a richer and more varied look and feel. One most pages the header image is also chosen at random from a selection.

The design is responsive, based on Bootstrap 2.3.

The site also includes a small J2Store based online shop.
17th of February, 2017


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