Network In Action

Network In Action is a business networking organization with chapters growing all around the United States. Every chapter is run by a professional, full-time group leader. Members of each chapter are comprised of a professional from one industry. For example: you will not find two realtors in a given group. Members of groups meet in person once a month for a networking meeting. Throughout the month, the use to pass referrals to one-another and enjoy a professional social media environment for their group.
Network In Action has a lot of moving parts to make the member experience useful, enjoyable and intuitive. The main challenge is creating a group-centric experience for the members.

Referrals: Network In Action members pass referrals to their fellow group members through our interface. This interface relies on the Fabrik Component for building the application and generating lists and reports specific to the user / group.

Gamification: We use AltaUserPoints for game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate members to achieve their goals.

Intranet Communication: Network In Action uses JomSocial as the social media platform.

Email Communication: Network In Action uses AcyMailing tied-in with Elastic mail for the email marketing and communications of group leaders. Each group has an email list. The group leader has front end access to create and schedule newsletters to their group.
9th of March, 2017


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