Goerg Redzek - Painter

Goerg Redžek. Painter. To create an interesting picture of our time with the fine feeling and thinking about one nice ideal – this is still what leads me to a picture in my artistic experiment. I find motivation everywhere around me. The central motive is the man and his existence. Preliminary phase in the creation of a picture is carried out by the methodology of abstraction, which is going to provide the fund of colourful transparency to the whole picture and the rest in the field of optimal composition. After that, associations, new ideas, corrections, conversions from abstract to concrete are made. Applied brush strokes are often indicating figures, inventiveness continues in this direction, and the collision of colored passage articulates in the luminous effect . From experimenting with colours, or better to say with the brush strokes, resulted the world of my pictures. I believe that this idea of painting still leaves a lot of possibilities.
Framework: Helix 3 (JoomShaper)
Components: Widgetkit (YOOTheme)
Other: QR Code, Google Analytics
Multilingual: serbian, english
6th of April, 2017


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