PYRELLAS - Firefighting Equipment

PYRELLAS – IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS is a company in Greece that offers products and services related to fire safety. The website is a great way to expand its audience and gives the opportunity to learn many details of the products. Clients can also place their orders online.
The site was built with Joomla 2 and Virtuemart 2. When the owner asked for search engine optimisation i decided that for SEO to be successful, i had to make a complete update to deal with speed, responsiveness, functionality, security issues and a more modern design.
So on October 2016 i rebuilded from scratch with joomla 3 and virtuemart 3, bought a new quality responsive template with semantic markup and made a few modifications in the home page. I tried to keep it simple but decent in terms of design and focus more in the content.
The main language is greek and there is also an english version using native joomla multilanguage feature. Next target was to make the website useful for visitors and potential clients. So i have chosen a fancy font and then i tried to make the product pages as detailed as possible to help people find quickly what they need. The results are promising until now!
8th of May, 2017


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