Frisør Stationen Silkeborg

This is a website for a new organic hair salon in Silkeborg, Denmark.
The hairdresser offer all modern services that you would expect.

The salon has four unique factors:

Owner and style:
The owner and hairdresser is Icelandic and brings a unique energy, experience and interior design to the salon.

It's located in the main train station building. In newly renovated upper floor. That previously was used by the government traffic employees, but stood unused for the last 10 years.
This was modernized and now looks great.

The address is:
Drewsensvej 5
8600 Silkeborg

Certified organic:
While many salons claim they're "Green", this salon is the only one in Silkeborg that is certified "Grøn Salon", which is a association which only allows environmentally friendly solutions and organic products.

Hårologi from Sweden and hair test:
By analysing a single hair, the hairdresser can mix a unique solution with vitamins that your hair needs.
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7th of June, 2017


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