Olsen Tours

This web site is an online sales channel for an inbound tour operator based in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand). Booking enquiries are accepted via email or social media - there is no purchasing within the site as all itineraries are customized based on user's initial enquiry form submission and follow-up conversations.

Olsen Tours offers private day-tours of Chiang Mai, golfing packages and custom multi-day itineraries for exploring Northern Thailand.
The following extensions are currently in use: K2, sh404sef, JSN Uniform, AllVideos, OS Gallery, OSMap, Facebook Comments.

Over time the best improvements to the site have come through removing features. We removed ads to improve use experience and avoid brand dilution. We removed interactive maps and some other advanced features to optimize page load times.

The ongoing focus of site maintenance is continued improvement of the content as a genuinely useful travel planning resource in its own right. Our second objective is to optimize conversions with great user-experience.
8th of June, 2017


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