is a Joomla website absolutely dedicated to Italy's loyal fans for those who love good food, live well, and enjoy life in La Dolce Vita style. is the most important website for tourists from the Netherlands and Belgium outbound to Italy. The site inspires travel and discovery of every facet of Italy; it is a point of reference for those in search of luxury and excellence ´Made in Italy´.
We work with over 20 professional journalists from the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.
It is a website that presents Italy in 360°, highlighting holiday destinations, culture, lifestyle, food, Made in Italy-brands and just about every other element that makes Italy such a fascinating destination. aims to be a name which is top of mind Italy connoisseur, a touchstone and trusted brand for people who love Italy from all parts of the world, who share the values of Italian culture and lifestyle, who buy Italian luxury brands, travel to Italy for leisure and/or business, enjoy the cuisine, uses 4 main components including the CCK Form2Content for article and news templates. Display of news and category pages were created using Offlajn Layer slider and Minitek Wall modules. To create an optimal user experience we are using Offlajn SearchUniversal AJAX search to offer travel and destination suggestions to visitors. The design was created by HDM Agency (E.J. Bertrand) using the T3 bootstrap framework. The website is completely responsive and can easily be viewed on all devices. JCH Optimize is running in the background and fully optimizes everything to create a user friendly download time even for our most image heavy pages.
  • A really cool website!
    I like very much! The website design is sophisticated and minimal. The information are well organized. If you want to travel sometime to Italy, you can find a lot of useful tips here.
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