Bathtub Guru

Bathtub Guru is a business that provides bathtub refinishing services to our customers living in the Toronto area. Bathtub Refinishing is the process of resurfacing or reglazing a bathtub so that we can remove any scuffs, marks and contamination that has built up in your bathtub over the past few years so that it can look and feel as good as new again. We also offer hardwood flooring services and bathtub repair to fix any chips, cracks and holes in your bathtub. This website is basically for any home owners who may be dissatisfied or disgusted with how their bathtub looks and feels but do not want to full on replace their bathtub.

This site is built so that potential customers can get to know our company better and that they can know how to we conduct our services and how we get the job done. We also use this website as a communication platform so that customers can contact us by either phone or email to ask more questions, book an appointment or get a free quote.
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6th of July, 2017


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