TÜSİAD - Turkish Industry & Business Association

TÜSİAD is a voluntary organization of Turkey's leading entrepreneurs and executives. Our work is focused to Turkey's global economic competitiveness promoting democracy, social progress and inclusive growth.
TÜSİAD is a voluntary business organization of leading entrepreneurs and executives of the business community of Turkey.

On account of the institutions represented by its members, TÜSİAD, has a significant representative capacity of the economic activity in Turkey in many spheres such as production, value added, formal employment and foreign trade.

TÜSİAD’s activities are aimed at creating a social order based on the competitive market economy, sustainable development, and participatory democracy.

Located in Istanbul, TÜSİAD has representative offices in Ankara, Washington, Brussels, Berlin, London, Paris and Beijing.

In the last decade, TÜSİAD has published 120 reports on various issues relevant to the business community.

In the last 5 years, it has formulated 300 position papers on various issues i
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12th of September, 2017


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