Film festival (Week-end du Documentaire)

This website is about a Film Festival.

So you have Films, Sessions and Venues which are all interrelated.
Visitors can easily filter on the Films according to Day and/or City.

Hovering each Film shows immediately all its Sessions and clicking on it opens the Film details page.
This site was built using basically only Joomla core functionalities, making extensive use of Custom Fields which came along with Joomla 3.7 and make Joomla so powerful.
There is a list of Films, a list of Venues and a list of Sessions, all being linked to each other.
So no Content Construction Kit (CCK), only Joomla Core.
In order to have a nice design and an ergonomic view on Films/Sessions/Venues, several Layout Overrides have been made.
22nd of November, 2017


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