The Technological Services Network in Biofuels (RBIOCOMB) is part of the Technological Services segment of the Brazilian Technology System (SIBRATEC), composed today of 20 thematic networks, made up of Science and Technology Institutions (ICTs) and Prequalified Laboratories.

The site was created for two main purposes: to publicize the technological services provided by the network participant laboratories and to allow interaction between those participants.

INT - National Institute of Technology is a federal government institution and it is responsible for managing RBIOCOMB initiative, which is non-governamental and involves different players, mostly public and private universities.
The site should obey strict design requirements and segregate the general public from subscribers and participants. Subscribers have access to certain privileged content, whilst participants also have access to interaction functionalities, such as internal messaging (uddeIM PMS), Forum (Kunena), chat (JChtaSocial PRO) and access to some specific content.

Some functionalities are offered to all users, with different contents, as newsletter (AcyMailling), files to download (Docman) and events calendar (JEvents).

Also used:
- Social networks;
- Sitemap Generator.

- Akeeba Admin Tools;
- Akeeba Backup;
- B2J Contact;
- ExtMan;
- eXtplorer;
- J2XML;
- JCE Editor;
- JCH Optimize;
- JComments.

- Code 7 Responsive Slider.

- Clean Response;
- JCH Optimize;
- jSGCache (hosted at Siteground);
- kareebu Secure;
- Multithumb;
- Regular Labs - Advanced Module Manager
- Regular - Sliders;
- Regular Labs - Tabs;
18th of December, 2017


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