A website for 8. largest municipal newspaper in Finland. Between 300 000 to 400 000 weekly visitors. We provide latest provincial, homeland and world news along with extra content for subscribers.
Site was migrated from proprietary web publishing system first to Joomla 1.5. There were some 30 000 items or so to be converted as an understandable Joomla! content with correct content in correct fields. That took some time to get done. After that the migration to 2.5 was much easier and then 3.x upgrading was a breeze.
Servers: MariaDB, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Ubuntu servers.
HTTP auth protection for backend, Admin Tools protecting site.
Custom one-way integrations to Newspaper publishing platform Neo. Content is imported through FTP to Joomla! database. Automations to form image galleries from Neo content.
Webservice integrations to Kayak-MySQL-database for customer authentication and paywall. Redis session cache. Custom scripts for page cache control, paywall users purge and maintenance. Conversation is handled through Facebook plugins and video platform is YouTube. We have gone through several different platforms from Kunena discussion board to different video providers.
Next we are moving the site to AWS.
11th of January, 2018


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