Assurances Bureau Bronckart

In today's "mobile first" context, where desktops and laptops are only secondary options for internet users, a traditional website of, say 5 years ago, just doesn't do the job anymore.

Even if your business does not depend on servicing people online, it is a wise idea to go the extra mile and invest some time in a responsive and well structured website.
After all, you can make a first impression only once.

Have a look at Bureau Bronckart's website and feel why.
Bureau Bronckart moved from a response WP website to a Joomla 3.x environment based on the Gantry 5 framework. The goal was to restructure the web content with a professional look and feel, a great(er) user experience and a much better site security, using Security Check Pro.
24th of January, 2018


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