Fédération des Industrie de Nouvelle-Calédonie

The Federation of Industries exists only by its members. It is there to help them, support them, accompany them. This support can be broken down into different examples: to build a file, facing a social difficulty or with an administration. The Federation is also there to support the industry's business model. It has an action to take with the institutions to demonstrate the importance of the industry in the New Caledonian economy. It is also there to be force of proposals, like the work done on the export (creation of the cluster Avenir Export in 2015).
I have began this website 2008 (I think it was a Joomla 1.0.x ;). The challenge is to keep this site up to date although it offers its visitors more and more services. Today it is responsive (thank to Uikit), running on the last Joomla.
7th of February, 2018


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