KOMPAN is a market leader in playgrounds and playground equipment with international branches in 20+ countries across the world.

The task
1. Streamline KOMPAN’s extensive product catalogue across 21+ international sites (1.000+ products with 11.000 variants)
2. Implement a state of the art context marketing platform that is future-proof and easy to rebuild in order to support full circle digital transformation.
3. Enrich and customise every element of the websites and shops with behavioural user data, creating an intelligent solution that supports next generation real-time context marketing.
4. Reduce the amount of external applications and processes used in KOMPAN’s digital infrastructure in order to create stronger value chains throughout the entire organisation.
KOMPAN’s new, international multi-site solution is built using Aesir Context Marketing - a Joomla!-based platform and CCK that takes advantage of the flexible PHP-codebase and Open Source capabilities of Joomla!. Aesir has been in continuous development through many stages of 3.x, making use of additions like custom fields and templates as they were implemented.

Aesir collects Joomla!’s web development tools with a full suite of content management, ecommerce, cross-channel, and business intelligence functions, collected in one dashboard. Aesir also supports integration with external systems such as ERP and CRM.

With persistent, reliable insight into user behaviour, KOMPAN has the means to dynamically adjust their strategy on the fly, promoting better user experiences through modular web creation, leading to recurring value through higher conversion rates and a stronger brand consistency.

KOMPAN can reduce the number of third-party applications by 60-70% and processes by 70-80% over the next few years.
13th of February, 2018


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