Fuori Serie Associazione

The fuoriserrieassociazione.it site is a support to the non-profit association Fuori Serie which deals with the fight against the 'stigma' disease. The members of the association carry out artistic activities that help overcome mental disorders.

The website aims to inform people who suffer from this disorder. Thanks to the website, it is possible to meet doctors and qualified personnel to turn to and participate in the association's activities.
The realization of the site allowed an interesting test on different joomla framwork. We tested Helix, Gantry, Gridbox and a Joomla51 template to better evaluate which of these could be the most useful for the site. The test allowed the members of the Jug of Piacenza (Italy) to deepen the knowledge of Joomla and see the differences between the 4 frames used.
19th of February, 2018


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