Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses de Guatemala

We are an institution with functional and independent autonomy that arises as a consequence of the need to unify and strengthen the forensic expert services in Guatemala, through the scientific development of the work carried out as an autonomous institution, guaranteeing the impartiality and reliability of scientific technical research, contributing so to the justice system
Since 2010, we use Joomla as our CMS. We made a clean installation using 1.5 package and I remembered that we apllied minimal updates.

Last month we change our hosting provider and we want to upgrade to a newest version. We have several topics that we want to solve.

We want that our site visitors can get information easier. Also we want to incorporate social plugins that can allow our visitors to see our publications in FB and Twitter. Finally, we want that our site could be displayed in any device.

We buy a template and we start to rebuild our site. Because our previuos version was deprecated, we populate our site like a fresh install. We can't use any plugin like Akeeba to backup, upgrade and publish. Right now, we are very happy with the results.
27th of February, 2018


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