JoomlaDay FR - 18th and 19th of May 2018 - Paris

JoomlaDay FR is the annual Joomla! conference gathering the actors of all the French-speaking countries.

The program is particularly interesting, with conferences both in French and in English.
Feel free to join us !

Do you want some visibility for your extensions or services ?
Have a look at our sponsorship plans !
This website is a showcase of what can be achieved with Joomla! natively.

With other words, there is no big component/extension, not even to display and articulate the conferences/speakers/rooms for instance.

Almost everything is indeed made only using the power and flexibility of Joomla itself :
- in particular the Custom Fields introduced in 2017 in Joomla! 3.5
- combined with the possibility to make layout overrides

This website is the fruit of the work of a team of volunteers from the Association of French-Speaking Joomla! Users (AFUJ).
9th of March, 2018


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