QEMBU Pre-Owned Vehicles

This site was created to operate separately from the company's brand websites, including Isuzu, Opel, Mahindra and Hyundai. To avoid duplicating listings on each site, this site lists all the used cars from these dealerships. The site is designed to create leads from search engines and Facebook ad campaigns. It is a Joomla 3.8 installation with some commercial components which provide forms to connect with the dealer, maps to show the location of the dealerships as two examples. The used car component, autodigital_com is a custom-built component to meet the requirements of the local used car industry. I created it due to the lack of commercial components which do not meet the standards required locally. It also is revised every 12 months to ensure it is competitive with national brands such as www.autotrader.co.za. The site is available only in English.
The development of the used car component, autodigital_com, was done to meet the requirements of the local used car market sites. Commercial products did not satisfy the requirements and were not competitive with other local used car sites. autodigital_com was designed by Auto Digital Technologies for a select number of customers which the company services. It is revised every 12 months to keep up with changes in technology and industry standards. Features allow for multiple dealerships to list vehicles on the same site, and leads are directed to the dealerships which list the cars. The component creates a location map, which is linked to the dealer information and has a tab for sales people associated with each listing. To ensure that the most suitable sales people handle any specific listing, the user can select which sales people appear on each individual listing. The backend is user friendly and easy to manage. All these fields are pre-loaded, reducing time for the dealership administrators.
21st of March, 2018


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