A Környezetvédelmi Szolgáltatók és Gyártók Szövetségének weboldala

The Association of Environmental Enterprises was founded in 1992 by the cooperation of 26 companies. The Association is a business federation of the environmental industry. It realises lobbying keeping in mind the principles of environmental protection.

The members of the associations are environmental servicing companies, engineering companies, R+D+I companies and companies involved in water supply, water treatment , waste treatment, waste recovery, air pollution control, soil remediation, noise and vibration reduction, including the manufacturers and distributors of these equipment. The Association has now about 260 members representing the environmental industry. Our associated members are universities, research institutes and green NGOs. The supporting members are large companies, which respect the principles of environmental protection.
It was developed in 2017 using free and some payed extensions and Vertex Forte template. We had to create a modern portal for our Organization, helping conference management, news and event sharing.
It has BreezingForm Pro, JCH Optimize, sigplus image gallery, Coala web news and the basics (akeeba, jce).
Making it responsive was not as easy at first, but Vertex framework has some really good options that help.
I used some custom css class too, so its not that similar to the original template.
Still struggling with how Facebook is presenting images when a page is shared...
23rd of March, 2018


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