Teknikrad.se or Teknikråd.se in Swedish, is review and test website for commercial products. We help the visitor to find the best product. The site was created back in 2008 when the owner tried to find the best car tire but the test talk against each other.
The website has in the beginning of 2018 had a complete remake. Logo, graphic, template and underlying servers has change.

The site use vanish cache together with Memcached this was easy to do thanks to Joomlas core support for Memcached. This bring the load time for the webpage to under 2 sek.

It`s a Joomla 3.8.6 with JSN Air 2 template and JSN PageBuilder 3 to design each page.

Had problems with Joomla but thanks to the Joomla community (forum) I has solve them.
26th of March, 2018


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