Blog: Stories & Systems To Live Better & Work Smarter by Jason Scott Montoya

Jason believes in sharing the good, and not so good stories from his journey through this website as a way to process ideas and inspire others.

In his journey, he has personally experienced and seen others experience the life of surviving in isolation. In these times of need, others helped and inspired him when he needed it. As a result, his personal aim is to inspire others to a place of thriving and togetherness.
The blog was created on Joomla using a Yootheme template and the UIKIT framework. Since its inception in 2014, Jason has continued evolving the website for a more professional and effective presentation of the blog content involving updating the template, adding modules, and optimizing for the search engines.

It was an enjoyable project to use Joomla regularly and experiment with approaches and extensions.
  • Clean and Simple
    I like the simplicity of the site despite the amount of content that is being pushed. I think you have done well organizing the information.

    I do not however like that there is a popup that you have to exit out of to do anything in the site. Then 10 seconds later to pops up again. Invasive popups are a big turn off to site users.
    5 years ago -
27th of March, 2018