Website (one of the..) for travelcompany Goldies Travel.
The website shows all the possibilities of their 20 meter Yacht and the beauty of the Oosterschelde, the largest National park in the Netherlands.
Website build with the latest version Joomla CMS.
Components and Tools used for building this site are:
- K2 CCK for managing the main content
- Bootstrap T3_bs3 template based one of a kind design template
- JSW CRM, JSW Event and Docman for the intranet layer for the managers of the site
- Intranet-part is availabe for managers from the frontend of the website
- Forms build with Chronoforms
- Main purpose of the Website is creating leads
- Event management system with our JSW Event eventmanagement system
- Leads are managed with JSW CRM
30th of March, 2018


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