SpaceBizGuide Directory

A niche industry directory with business information on the spaceflight & satellite companies from around the world. Includes collection of government space agencies, university space research institutes, industry associations and standards agencies.

Daily updated industry news with wide coverage on space agencies, satellite operators, rocket launchers and space tech companies.
The website uses latest version of Joomla, which is mobile responsive and SEO friendly out of the box. Protostar template is selected so that the design interface is simple and clean. Customisation support is easily available online through the Joomla documentation and forum.

The next step was to build the directory. At first, a few directory component was installed and tested but they were not flexible and powerful enough. Perhaps not as matured as Sobipro.

So Sobipro was chosen later as the most suitable because it is a multi-directory component. Few directories could be built and interlinked. This is very crucial for business directories to display company profiles with related product listings.

While very raw and basic out of the box, Sobipro default templates can be extensively customised, extended with Sobipro apps and ready built templates. There is also 3rd party extension called Xtdir for Sobipro to enhance its directory advertising capabilities.
2nd of April, 2018


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