Healing, refreshing massage kinesio tape services page. Based on preliminary interviews, I tailor the treatments individually. Because of my original profession, I know how harmful the chemicals are to the living organism, so I use natural and chemical-free vegetable oils for massage.
The customer wanted a simple, clean, easy-to-use, but still modern website. A separate request was made to use the entire web site on mobile devices. Cooperation with social networking sites was also an important aspect. Also, access to community media sites. To do this I got the logo from which I started. There was so much to do with combining the colors of the logo.
I built on the latest version of the joomla system that I used CK Template Creator, and I've also reacted to the responsive look. Fonts are provided by Google Fonts, and the contact map is also based on Google Maps. Another useful addition to CK Page Builder is that I can flexibly display the layout of the page. One of the big task the lot of inline CSS so I installed the RoBooster plug-in and it's solve this problem more or less :)
16th of April, 2018


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