Mahindra Groblersdal, Limpopo

Mahindra Groblersdal, located in Limpopo, South Africa, is part of a multi brand dealer group and sells new Mahindra passenger and commercial vehicles. The site provides users access to information on new models and uses commercial components to allow the user to engage with the dealership for service and sales enquires. It is a Joomla 3 installation and uses commercial components and modules to display content, forms and visuals of the product. The client brief on all dealer sites in to use the Joomla Iframe feature to display new car information directly from the manufacturer site. This ensures that the new vehicle links are always current and that the pricing is always up to date. To encourage users to engage directly with the dealership, we use a module contact form directly below the iframe window. A commercial template has been modified to fit the Mahindra brand, this template is used throughout the group dealer sites to create an identity unique to the group.
The client brief was to create a website which was consistent with all other group owned websites that provided users with information on the Mahindra brand and make it easy for the user to engage with the dealership through contact forms and links to and from social media. A Joomla 3 installation was used together with the commercial template used by the group. The brief required that iframes be used to display new car listings to ensure that all content and pricing was current without having to manage these fields. A commercial contact form component is used to allow the user to engage directly with the dealership. A module of the component is used on new car listings to encourage users to engage directly with the dealership and not through the manufacturer contact links. Additional extensions included Google Maps and custom design module static on the right with links to Book a Test Drive, Contact the Dealer and a link to the company Facebook page. This is especially useful for mobile users.
12th of May, 2018


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